I Bet She’s Been Here Before

It’s about 10 o’clock in the evening (October15) and Randy draws my attention to the first snowfall of the season happening outside. It’s beautiful, peaceful. We step just out the door onto the deck – for a minute – and then back inside where it’s warm.

We’re standing in the kitchen moments later when I look up at the window and….

there is a very large Black Bear looking back in at me! The bear is in no hurry and I am torn between watching her slow parade across the deck or running for a camera.

I watched.

Her prints in the snow reveal a rather nonchalant stroll down our driveway and alongside the path to the house, where she apparently stopped to sniff the empty garbage can before coming up the stairs onto the deck.

Passing about 12″ from our door. The door we were just popping out of to catch snowflakes.

Then she stopped by the window, took a long look at me taking a long look at her. But finding nothing of interest to a bear, she carried on down the back steps and along the edge of the property, disappearing behind the shed. I’d be willing to bet she’s done this route before, but she doesn’t blend in with the fresh snow like she would in the dark.

This is not the actual bear. Like I said, I didn’t have a camera handy.

Or maybe she went down the bank to the creek. Her tracks would lend a more exact ending to the story, but I’m not going out there to see.

Her back paw print was 9″ long.

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