The Winter of My Discontent

The thing about the first snowfall is, it isn’t supposed to last. It comes at some unexpected and inconvenient time, but we stop and watch it with awe and nostalgia. And then it disappears. Sometimes even as it’s falling, but certainly within a day.

But this is the year when nothing is according to plan. Or ‘usual’. Or even reason. It snowed here two days ago, and it was beautiful…but… the snow never melted. Yesterday it started snowing again and kept going all night. In the middle of October. As a result of this early snow situation, the trees have not dropped their leaves, but the branches are now heavy with snow.

I’m torn, because it’s SO beautiful but I can’t help wondering just how freakin’ long this winter is going to be!

This is pointless whining, I know. It changes nothing and probably drains the joy out of the winter wonderland scenery.

Yesterday I went out to collect my ferns and lavender from the deck to take them down to the cellar in hopes they will survive the winter there. I wasn’t expecting to do that just yet, but, needs must and all that. I performed a quick attitude adjustment about the early winter and stepped outside.

Doormat frozen solid, deck covered in a dusting of slippery snow, frozen doormat gliding swiftly across frozen deck boards, Elise flailing in a most ungraceful fashion and then landing awkwardly and thunkishly on her knee. Something in her lower back goes ‘crunk’. I’m a little out of whack today, but my knee doesn’t really hurt much anymore, unless I bend it too far. Yesterday it said ‘crunch’ when I moved it, today it just says ‘swish’. I guess that’s a good sign.

SweetEsther (our VW van) is feeling very unwell also (for reasons not related to winter), but she won’t move and she’s still sitting in her summer spot — which happens to block the snowblower access from the back shed — which we really need because WINTER CAME SO FRICKEN EARLY! Waiting to see how hubby is going to work this one out.

Of course, on the brighter side, there is the possibility that the bears knew this was coming early and our hefty nocturnal visitor has already bedded down all cozy in her den for a loooong winter nap. So I probably won’t meet her on the porch again till next year.


I wish I was a bear.


4 thoughts on “The Winter of My Discontent

  1. Oh my gosh, Elise, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Surely the snow can’t stay this early, even in Canada?!! If so, it seems that your bear theory may be a silver lining you’re going to have to cling to!

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    1. I really hope it’s not here to stay. But it’s a good kick-in-the-pants to get the last bit of summer stuff off the deck. We were holding out for a few nice evenings to light the firepit and sit around with neighbours on a starry evening. Maybe this is the year we turn the back yard into an ice rink instead?

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  2. Oh wow! Glad you are okay from your…incident. I miss the Oklahoma snowy winters of my childhood, but I know in my heart of hearts, I could neither walk nor drive in such inclement conditions on a regular basis!

    Here’s to hoping you have some breaks from the weather to still enjoy that firepit. My husband is almost finished building ours for the new house and I’m all kinds of ready to enjoy it!

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