Weighty Issues

I only wanted to know how many calories are in a banana, but the website had an Ideal Weight Calculator and since I felt like wasting some time needed a break from cleaning house on this frigid February morning, I thought ‘OK, I’ll play!’

According to them, my ideal weight should be 108 pounds. Um…sure, if my goal is to be a supermodel or maybe a two-dimensional cartoon character. But for a real live person like myself who likes to do stuff and eat food, that’s just ridiculous.

So I checked my BMI and that calculation wasn’t nearly as dire. My actual happy-place goal is to lose 15 lbs. Maybe 20. The BMI confirmed what my experience, my mirror, and my common sense tell me.

But I poked around the website some more just for fun and discovered their body fat calculator. This one was a doozy . . . it estimated that I am comprised almost entirely of  unnecessary fat. OK, they actually credited me with 107 lbs of lean meat. But wait … they say I should weigh 108 lbs. So, if I reached my ideal weight, I would have just 1lb of fat left on my entire body? That’s like … 1% body fat!

Just for the record, 108 lbs on the BMI is the lowest number I could go and still be called healthy – that’s what this website (which shall remain nameless) chose as my ‘ideal weight’, the very least I could weigh without jeopardizing my health.

That particular website is run by two women who say they are just trying to help other women achieve their best self. There are no pictures or bios of them, so I’m not sure who they are, but I suspect maybe hangry supermodels or 2-dimensional cartoon characters?



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