Arctic Front

So, this is what was happening here last night …


That”s -35 Celsius (-30 for those of you speaking Fahrenheit).

Hubby wanted to know what that feels like and he talked me into joining him and we stepped out on the deck in our pj’s…for a couple minutes…I can’t breathe air that cold, it kind of skids into my lungs and then scratches it’s way back out. Unpleasant. Unsustainable. Eyeballs want to freeze over. The sensation on skin is interesting though. Some years back, we spent a weekend at Sparkling Hill in Kelowna and tried the Cryo Cold Treatment at KurSpa … that was colder and I was wearing less clothes, plus this was free! So … kinda like a spa day?

At -35, my bathroom window looks like this …bathroom window

… from the inside.

But we stayed toasty warmish because we cranked the little pellet stove to new heights last night and it did a great job. This old house was a symphony of snaps and groans, but today the thermometer is reading a balmy -20 and the sun is shining and I feel like a real northerner again. Ain’t nothin’ but a cold snap!

roaring fire


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