Rain and Bourbon and Cabbages and Rain

There has been no continuity in the summers since we moved here. Nothing from one to the next that you can count on.

The first year was mosquitoes and wildfire smoke.

The second was wildfire smoke and drought.

This summer has no mosquitoes (on our deck, at least) or wildfire smoke or real warmth. This summer is all about the rain, never-ending rain (I’m ignoring the obvious covid-19 issues here, ok.)

We did light a fire and roast hot dogs. Once. The rain was bearable, the thunder & lightening chased us inside. The upside – no fire bans! Downside – wet wood smokes like a bugger!

None of these summers have been conducive to much relaxed time outdoors.

The strangest thing is that I don’t even care. It’s so incredibly strange to me that a summer could be like this, and I take it in stride.

Today is raining? Well, what’s new. I will do things inside then.

Today is sunny? Well, that makes me smile. I will work outside today, maybe sit on the deck and watch the creek go by. We’ve built quite a lovely little garden out of junkyard finds and online give-aways this year.

I find myself sitting on the deck in the rain, as well as the sun. Whatever. It’s just weather. There are worse things.

Of course, my garden hasn’t suffered much for the rain yet, so, there’s that. My neighbour has lost all her cabbage to the moth larvae, I got mine sprayed it time (because


of her dire warnings. Thank you, Deb!) But I wonder if my onions are holding up as well as I think they are. The mountain ash tree that I planted in June had to be lifted and 20200714_192830replanted in a mound above ground because it was drowning. But I’ve actually been sitting here in my studio room, writing, listening to the rain outside my window and enjoying it. What?!

Have I evolved? Have I grown as a person? Or have I given up and depression taken over as the new normal? Does it even matter at this point?

I’ll tell you what, any day that I don’t read/watch any news, very little social media snark, and no one gives me attitude for wearing a mask when I go to the hardware store (nothing more serious than a wide-eyed look, anyway), I think “it’s all good. It’s enough.”

But then again, I just poured a finger of bourbon over an iceball and swirled and sipped while I made dinner and listened to Amos Lee. The gentle patter of rain outside my open window is like a benediction for that scenario.

Yes. It is enough for today.

17 juniper shrubs that we dug up from someone else’s backyard during a muggy respite from the rain. The next day we planted them in – I will not say ‘rain’ – It was MUD – mud that crept into our gloves and and shoes and our clothes – to help stabilize our own bank. I think they’re loving all this rain!

3 thoughts on “Rain and Bourbon and Cabbages and Rain

  1. Love your garden, and having bourbon while cooking sounds brilliant to me. 🙂
    This is our third Minnesota summer, with this one being the most unpredictable. Rainy one day, sunny the next, wind blowing on or off, it’s a grab bag. Something of interest every day!

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  2. All the rain seems to be good for your plants and your yard – everything looks green and healthy. Even if you have to enjoy it from indoors, looking a things growing, being alive – surely these are the best kinds of things to focus on right now. I think that’s why I love my own plants so much. There’s hope in them.

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