Today My Husband Cooked Dinner For Me

I have not been writing since this covid-19 thing started. Not much, anyway. And clearly not blog posts, according to my sad posting history of recent weeks. But I do complain occasionally that I’m not writing enough  because I don’t have any focus or drive. It’s ugly sometimes, isn’t it?

Pork ChopsSo my husband declared that he was going to motivate me to write every week. If I fail to write during the week, he gets to pick the topic on Saturday and I have to write on that topic. Did I agree to this? I’m not even sure what happened here, but today is Saturday and I have not posted all week, so here we go.

My assigned topic? “Today my husband cooked dinner for me.”

It was delicious and it is always a lot of fun to not be the one doing the cooking, just sitting on the other side of the counter offering ‘helpful’ tips and advice while drinking indecent quantities of a lovely Malbec. I did mince the herbs for the basil gremolata, however, and I stirred stuff now and then.Randy Cooking

In the end, this is what I enjoyed…. Zesty Italian pork chops with cannellini beans and basil gremolata, conveniently acquired from Hello Fresh (they did not give me a discount or ask me for the recommendation…they are just so awesome that I give them the plug for free!)

The pantry is getting a little low on variety these days and in the age of self-isolation, we won’t be running out to get items just for tonight. So this works for us a few times a week. His usual repertoire is limited to spaghetti bolognese or french toast, both of which are delicious and appreciated, but with the meal prep kits, he does amazing stuff like this that feels like I’ve just been treated to dinner at a favourite restaurant! Sometimes we even dress up and make it date night (but not tonight, tonight is all about the food and the writing about the food.)

Nicely done, Husband Randy!




6 thoughts on “Today My Husband Cooked Dinner For Me

  1. Lovely post, Esther. It sounds like your husband is a great supporter of what’s important to you as well as a great cook. I love his idea that if you didn’t write on your own he’d come up with the topic. Brilliant!

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  2. The food looks delicious and it had me thinking about pork chops on the bbq, I haven’t done those in years and they do well on the bbq. I understand how blogging can take the back seat for awhile, and that is how it has been for me also. There can be a variety of reasons and all of them are better than fine. I am glad though that Randy is helping you to write, you do write well. – David

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