…slow ride, take it easy…

Sept Hwy
My phone camera through the bug-splattered windshield can’t do the fall foliage justice, but the sky is just that big and deep! 

Sometime Tuesday morning, as the coffee is poured….

“Good morning.”

     ” ‘morning!”

“It’s a beautiful day…sunny…warm. Shame not to be out in it.”

     “Yep. But I guess it’s down to the cellar … still a lot of work down there.”

“Hm. And it really does need to be done. Of course, we need to replace the front doors before it gets too cold outside, too.”

     “We don’t even have doors yet! Are you saying we should go buy doors today instead?”

“No. Just sayin’… “

     “Cause I think you’re right, we probably should drive into Prince George for doors before SweetEsther goes into storage for the winter.”

“That’s a convincing argument, and it sounds right to me. But driving to PG twice in one week?”

     “But this time in the Westfalia!”

“But it’s not for fun. Not like playing hooky or anything.”

     “No, or course not! This is just to get doors, the responsible job to do today. And the van is the best way to bring them home.”

“Right. This is about being grownups and making the responsible choices with our reno time. For sure.”

     “For sure!”

Jump in van. Breath deeply of the old Westy smell. Feel the rumble as her 36-year-old 4-cyclinder engine clumsily comes to life once again. Turn up the tunes (hello FM 95.9 the GOAT!) and settle in for a long and peaceful drive through some of the most beautiful autumn vistas. Everything is better when we’re on SweetEsther-time!


This week we’ve seen a moose and five deer already. Still waiting for a bear sighting…I’m sure that will come!



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