Puppy Love

Reggie close up

It was about 7 o’clock and Randy was washing the dinner dishes, looking out at our backyard in progress, when suddenly he calls out to me “Elise, there’s a dog in our backyard. A cute little dog!” So I go check it out. He’s not cute. He’s ADORABLE! And he’s friendly and more than happy to come into the house with me and let me find the phone number on his tag. His name is Reggie, he’s a West Highland Terrier (Otherwise known as a Westy, my favourite breed) and a perfect little gentleman while we waited for his people to come get him.

I’m in love! Absolute puppy love! He’s friendly and so polite and quiet. He loves cuddles and he doesn’t lick faces but does follow me around with his nose a very endearing 3 inches from my calf. The moment I opened the fridge he plopped his little behind on the floor and looked up expectantly, yet politely, with huge eyes and perky ears. Is it possible for a dog to be this perfect, this flawless . . . he’s very shy of the phone, the camera in particular! Stressed him out, so we only took a few shots. We found his kryptonite, I guess.

When his people came to pick him up, we learned that he was a rescue, very recently adopted by a couple in our neighbourhood. Now we know where he lives so we can just walk him back home if he comes to visit again, and for my part, he is very welcome!

He’s perfect. I want one!

Randy: I didn’t know rescue dogs could be so awesome. Maybe we should go visit the SPCA.   Me: Don’t tempt me!   Randy: I’m serious. Mostly.  Me: I miss Reggie!


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