Retrospect of a Week

or What We Did In The Dark Unbreathable Atmosphere Of The BC Northern Interior This Week

Visits with my mother. These typically consist of working on a puzzle while answering the same question(s) every 5 to 10 minutes about who’s who and where I live now, and singing old songs (though I have a hard time singing loud enough for her to hear me. Planning to take my ukulele and try out some of her old favourites soon). My mother has Alzheimer’s, which information may put this in perspective for some of you. The air is better in the facility where she lives, so, there’s that!

Dump run. SweetEsther did double duty this week hauling yard waste and recycling to the local transfer station. Her amazing adaptability never ends. And she’s so photogenic, even surrounded by trash piles!

sweet esther at the dump

Nechako Valley Exhibition (aka: The Fall Fair). I haven’t been to this in literally decades, but it remains essentially the same. Petted so many lovely animals, saw so many exhibits and ate the most amazing veggie wrap from a food truck (unfortunately I can’t remember the name! If anyone knows who it was, please let me know.) The ‘Market Place’ is more like a small farm market of local wonders than anything else….so unlike the crazy high-pressure selling frenzies at the PNE! Maybe next year we will actually have time to make some entries in the exhibits. Part of the small town experience and I fully enjoyed it.

Bought a washer and dryer!!! Now we just have to install hookups and we’ll be washing laundry in our own house. My sister may be very happy for that too, though she will be too polite to say what a pain-in-the-ass I have been with all my dirty reno laundry. Still, she did invite us out for dinner on Thursday, so it can’t be too bad yet.

And while we’re on the topic of buying stuff for the house this week: A garden shed, a yard cart, baseboard heaters. None of which have been delivered yet, but of which we are in dire need. Well, maybe not the heaters, but the night time temps keep dropping, so, soon.

Randy’s impromptu Redneck-Wheelbarrow.

Our craziest job of the week? Assembling the Muskoka chairs we bought at Costco, ’cause, you know, deck chairs are the most important part of waterfront property….even though water levels are so low because of the drought that it would be less than inspiring out there right now, constant raining down of wildfire ash not withstanding. But we’ve never gone about anything in a traditionally rational order anyway, so why start now!

the competition
It was a competition that started around 10 o’clock at night…Randy finished his chair first (beat me by 1 screw) but I feel I won on a technicality (he missed one slat on the seat of his chair.)
chairs being sanded
Sunday the air was clear enough to take them all outside and give them a sanding, then back under a tarp because you never know what tomorrow will hold, ash-wise!



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