What a difference a day makes!

Last night I was questioning this ‘adventure’ and feeling pretty bummed. This morning I woke up feeling about the same as last night – not too enthused with what we had begun here. But I got up anyway (I mean, what else are you going to do?)

The morning was sunny and warm and Randy had my coffee made before I even got out of bed, nice. Then I cooked breakfast outside – reconstituted hashbrowns (surprisingly yummy!), fried eggs (flipped with the help of two dinner spoons since we forgot to bring a flipper) and toast made on a camp toaster with no butter (Coleman camp toasters work great, but the toast is very dry. It just is what it is, aint no thing.) That was pretty good already.

Next, a ‘quick’ trip into town to scour thrift stores for forks (I ate my eggs with a spoon this morning, Randy ate salad with a spoon last night. Taking turns is a good thing in marriage, but we’d prefer to have 2 forks. I’m just sayin’.)  Funny thing about Simther’s thrift stores, sever shortage of forks and flippers!  We ended up with salad forks and finally found one well used egg flipper, so we’re happy.)  We came across The Stone Moth gift store that my sister Ruthy had told us about. Wonderful store and the owner is a really neat lady.  Oh, and we found a Starbucks at the Safeway.  I’ve had great coffees from some neat coffee houses since we left the Lower Mainland, but it was so comforting to sip my favourite/familiar Soy Decaf Café Vanilla frapp again!

And then, on the way back to camp, we ‘stopped off’ at the Twin Falls and hiked up to the viewing platform. WOW! From our campsite we get an amazing view of the glacier, but the hike brought us to the falls, and what a view! Randy and I felt every step of our climb, but in all this, SweetEsther did amazing. The road up to the falls is uphill and a corduroy gravel road almost the whole way. She chugged along like a champ, and Randy did his part to make it as easy for her as possible. She’s an awesome little van and she turned a few heads today.

By the time we rolled back into the campground my phone battery was drained from all the picture taking and my spirit was full from all the experiences.

Now I’m sitting in a camp chair writing while my hubby preps the camper van for the night and Holger Peterson entertains us with great blues and jazz on CBC Radio 2. It’s all good.

Tomorrow we will pack up and set off on our journey west to Prince Rupert.  They are predicting cool wet weather. I think I’ll be alright now. I’ll find times for yoga, for meditation, for stories, but mostly I have Randy and I have SweetEsther, and I’m on an adventure….I remember!

(PS: I have great pictures from this day, but the wifi at the campsite is overloaded and VERY slow right now…everything else about this place is awesome! If you’re ever in Smithers, BC, check out Glacier View RV Park and Cabin Rentals (www.glacierviewrvpark.com), affordable super nice place with the best campsite washrooms ever!)

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