Musical Interlude

Yesterday, having secured a house in Vanderhoof and having a couple weeks before possession, we set out on a SweetEsther adventure.

Originally, we dreamed of driving across Canada. That was quickly nixed. Our second big dream was to drive down the Oregon coast, but that honestly doesn’t feel like a good idea (for very Trumpish reasons!) we decided we should wait until Trump is incarcerated and rational thought is restored.

Where to then? We’ll take our Westy west, we said! And here we are, at a beautiful campsite in Smthers, BC, Glacier View RV Park, slowly making our way to Prince Rupert where we will catch the ferry down the inside passsage…..because we’ve never done that before!

To be honest, I’m feeling the stress of westy life already and I’m wondering why. I’ve done this before (fewer days, but still) and none of the challenges are new.

It just feels so loud and it’s an endless rotation of setting up and taking down and then we drive and it’s loud again. Haven’t found a moment yet for meditation or yoga or reading, never mind writing or blogging. ‘Ah, but you’re blogging now!’ you say. True. I am in the washroom of this lovely campsite and it’s so clean and they pipe in this super chill jazz music at the perfect sound level….I am hanging out in here, feeling so zen….tomorrow I will find a way to take this with me. Maybe that is my challeng. Maybe it’s enough.

Anyway, it’s enough for right now.

camp site small size
The view from our campsite. Literally a glacier view – awesome!


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