Gandolf Rocker
This is my husband Randy’s painting. He who thought he couldn’t paint, but let me talk him into playing with water colours with me none-the-less. He calls it ‘Gandolf Rocker’ and I think it’s awesome. I may be bitter, but I can still recognize vision when I see it.

What do you call those days when you work really hard at everything but nothing gets done, or at least, nothing gets done right? Even the creative turns out like shit. Just, nothing.

I did plant that Mountain Ash in front of the house where the old spruce trees had to come down. I felt good about that. But now I’m wondering if I’ll wake up in the morning and find that a windstorm snapped my poor little sapling off like a wretched stump.

Sounds about right.

Don’t mind me, I just topped off a day of disappointment (which I was dealing well with, I thought) with a couple hours of painting that was supposed to be fun, but ultimately just proved I have zero (negative zero) talent in that regard. Same old, same old, and not even done well. Laughable.

I’ll get over it. Wine helps. With the feelings, not the ‘art’. Tomorrow is a new day. With no failures in it. Yet.

Might just be an Eeyore day, now that I think about it.



6 thoughts on “Derivative

  1. Too much art is perfect, I like art that makes me smile. On our sundeck we have a painting my wife did at a “fun” night at a local pub with a bunch of friends. I should a picture. It is supposed to a head portrait of a deer but it looks like a cow on lsd to me. I love it.

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  2. Elise, I hope you feel a lot better one day on. You have talent in art in your writing alone, and I’m sure in your painting as well. Otherwise, try something else, like quilting – my personal favourite. Meanwhile, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back and keep the wine handy!

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    1. Thanks, Jane. Mostly I try a little of anything that interests me (music, painting, baking…) and I’m fine with my clumsy results as long as I had fun. Apparently I may have more of a competitive (or perfectionist?) streak in me than I realized! 😉 Quilting, yes! There’s an artistic outlet that I haven’t even touched in many years.

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