Not a Square to Spare!

Hubby and I went to Costco yesterday. I will confess, it was a spur of the moment decision when we realized that we had missed a few items on our last run and, how shall I say this…there are rumours of people prepping and hoarding! When we got there, Hubby was eager to see if there was any toilet paper to be had because he’d been reading stuff online. I almost laughed it off and said that the hardy folks up here in the north were surely not hoarding toilet paper . . . I was wrong. There were no rolls. Nada.

We went to Walmart for curtain rods and eyebrow pencils, and as I immediately took my cart and headed in that direction, Hubby once again went straight to paper goods. He returned in short order, reporting that there was no toilet paper in Walmart either, save for a few packs of ultra-super-luxury-kitten-fur fun-sized mini rolls in packs of 12 that sell for around $20!

Toilet Paper Aisle

There were other gaps in the shelves as well. After walking around and around the pharmacy, I finally asked the pharmacist if they had any rubbing alcohol. We sold out, he said. And as I was about to panic because I always use rubbing alcohol to clean my phone and now, when I need it most, the shelves are bare! … he relented and told me he had just gotten a shipment that wasn’t unpacked yet.  He left what he was doing behind the counter and opened a box for me (They were small bottles. I took 3. Don’t judge me) and then, with a sigh, he stocked the shelf himself. They’ll all be gone by tomorrow, he murmured, shaking his head.we have no bananas

We got the last pack of Lysol wipes, and there was a bounty of fresh BC apples at great prices, but . . . yes, we have no bananas. That lonely plantain was the only fruit of it’s kind in the store. I’m not sure if this is related to the loo roll crisis or not. How weird would that be?!

When we got home I did a toilet paper inventory (just to put our minds at ease, you know?) and it turns out we had nothing to worry about. It seems that over that past couple months I had bought a several packs because every time I went to Costco, I couldn’t remember if I’d bought some the last time. By my calculations we should be ok well into July.

I’ll save the $20 kitten-fur for a special occasion, I think.

Wash your hands, sneeze in your elbow, and let’s be kind to one another!


(Are you humming it now? You know you wanna! “yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today…”)



5 thoughts on “Not a Square to Spare!

  1. Haha. Love this. Hopefully they have more in by Saturday as we must go in and are running a little low. Funny how you almost feel embarrassed and feel the need to explain that you really are almost out.

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    1. What really seems ridiculous is that since my desperate search for it at Walmart, I have discovered (kicking around my house in various places): 1 small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol in the camper van, 1 ancient bottle among the tools in the cellar, 1/2 bottle buried at the bottom of the first aid supplies. Apparently I haven’t actually ‘needed’ any for a very long time until they told me it was no longer available. Makes me wonder what other treasures of the apocalypse are hiding just within arms reach of me even as I write this!

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