What January Brings

Laundry Room Window-44 C, I’m told. The coldest I’ve seen was at 8:30 this morning, -42C, so it was almost certainly colder than that overnight.  For those of you who do temperature in Farenheit, -40 is precisely the same on either scale. Freakin’ cold!-35C

Both vehicles are dead (or at least in a deep deep hibernation state), despite Hubby’s best efforts to keep them breathing by running them periodically. He walked to work this morning, bundled up like a mummy in a deep freeze. My brother-in-law brought over a battery charger and hooked up my car, which it turns out is just a no go. I moved the block heater cord and it snapped in my hand, it is just that cold. So now the truck is hooked up and sounds a little more promising already. By 6 o’clock I should be able to go fetch my poor yeti home in a warm vehicle, she says with more conviction than she feels.

Still, we are very blessed. There were power outages in town this morning, but they didn’t affect us. Our water lines and sewer drains have not frozen (yet) (knock on wood) though we were without water for some hours a couple days ago – a line burst farther up the street. The old pellet stove is cranked up to max and it keeps this little house at 20c, so I baked muffins and did a load of laundry to boost temperature and humidity. Oh ya, the humidity here in my writing room is currently at a hair crackling 28%. There aren’t enough eye drops in the world to make this ok for my eyeballs. Not enough salbutamol inhalers to make this ok for my lungs.

The weather network continues to promise that tomorrow will be a balmy -23 (that’s only -9 in Fahrenheit!) What’s even more outrageous is that they are still predicting -2 on Monday. I won’t hold my breath (mostly because I can’t even catch it at these temperatures!)

I’ll keep you posted!

PS: All the ice and frost so nicely framing the view of my back yard … that’s on the inside of the window! (That’s the mudroom, not heated quite as well as the rest of the house.)

PPS: is it acceptable practice to put a post-script on a blog post??


4 thoughts on “What January Brings

  1. Wow! Family in Whitehorse had temperatures like these this winter. No thanks! My old windows made it cold here and it was only minus 16! The temperature moved around a lot this winter, and it was sunny and above zero on New years day. Warmest New Years day in 15 years people said, and my son did the lake plunge! I pretended that I was tempted. Ha! I hope you are feeling the optimism of spring now with the longer daylight hours. First day of spring in just one week.

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