Trick of Treat!


We bought more candy this afternoon, in a quasi-panic moment. Good thing we did, too! It’s a mild day, no rain, no snow, no snowsuits — that’s a real thing this far north, and kids aren’t crazy about trick-or-treating in their snowsuits.

But this evening is a lot of fun with way more kids at our door than last year, what with the cooperative weather. Of course, this year we got our pumpkins early (to ensure we got some) and put one at the end of the driveway and the other at the top of the stairs, so that probably feels more safe, more inviting.

The little first-timers are so cute. They have one line, “trick or treat”, and they concentrate so hard to get it right. Just adorable.

Lot’s of young teens this year too, they’re hilarious. There’s always one guy who isn’t in costume and isn’t excited, clearly got dragged along with the rest. I kinda wish I’d thought to give that one an extra candy bar, he seemed to need it more than the rest of his giggling crew.

But it’s slowing down now, so we’re going to settle in with our SwampMonster Soup Swamp Monster Soupand our Mummy Dogs and watch a ‘scary’ movie. Later we’ll snack on roasted pumpkin seeds and watch the fireworks from our deck. Then we’ll just pass out in a candy-induced comma for the rest of the evening.

mummy dogs

Happy Halloween!


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