Goodbye Summer

September has come gently this year. Temperatures in the mid 20’s (that’s Celsius) and lovely, easy days. This morning I looked out the window and noted that the cottonwoods by the creek have just begun to turn. It’s going to be another beautiful autumn.

This summer was a weird one. No mosquitoes, no wildfire smoke, no sunshine. May was hot and promised much, but then it turned cold and, to be honest, kind of unpleasant in a very different way than last year.

pallet table with deck chairs
We built the fire pit table from pallets. It was free, took about a day start to finish, and the result is perfect for us. I conceptualized it, my brilliant hubby did all the hard work.

But when it finally warmed up again for the last days of August, we decided to make the most of it. Entertaining on the deck every chance we got, our last camping trip of the season (a fun but cold over-nighter in Fort St. James), and a bike ride through the nature trails along the river on a beautifully warm and sunny Labour Day.

September brought a big change for us. Randy started a full-time job this week and it kind of feels like back-to-school season for us this year. With hubby off learning new things every day, I have no excuses to not hit that to-do list, and hit it hard! I’m going to continue chipping away at small projects on the house, and maybe some creative time (honing ukulele skills, finishing my Margret Atwood Master Class). I’m already doing more cooking and cleaning, and I intend to squeeze in more writing, too. Normal things, normal routines. We haven’t done ‘normal’ or ‘routine’ in a very long time, so I guess we’ll see if we still like it or not. But it’s new right now, and that’s exciting.

Hello, September!






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