Channeling My Inner Hippie

This lovely little deer politely posed in the vineyard for me.

You know the old adage “what’s got you so bent out of shape?”  The answer is undoubtedly “two weeks on the road, living in a Westfalia!” I am not only bent, I feel downright tangled. I might have to admit that I’m getting a little long-in-the-tooth for this.

We put on a lot of miles in BC’s wine country this month, visiting family, browsing antique stores (how insane do you have to be to buy 4 vintage lighting fixtures and then haul them around in a camper van for days on end?), and of course, wine tastings. In Keremeos we spent two blissfully relaxed days with my step-son, grillin’ and chillin’ and really loving being together. In Penticton we had a serendipitous evening touring wineries with our dear friends from Vancouver who just happened to be vacationing there the same days we were! We played our last ever game of mini-golf at Dutch’s Campground in Vernon – so glad we got one more visit before they clear it all out to make room for more giant RVs. At a campground in Kamloops, we spent a really fun evening around a campfire with two other couples, we all just met that night. While the teenager among us went off to bed at a reasonable hour, we middle-agers partied like teens far later than was probably allowed.  And I can admit that I did not look my best for most of this, but I did have a lot of fun.Elise @ vinyard


The modern BoHo trend insinuates relaxed, hippie, casual, but in fact demands some pretty intense efforts in hair & makeup & layering mismatched clothing perfectly to look as though you are a free spirit. I was a little more old-school hippie in my approach to living in a VW van with no AC in a heat wave . . . my only makeup for two weeks was some BB Cream and an eyebrow pencil, I didn’t have a hairstyle – I had a hat, and I literally wore whatever airy dress was handy and whatever footwear I could get into in the heat. Fortunately, my husband found this exotic and fun and took to calling me a flower child. I’ll take that!

My gypsy spirit was (and is) intoxicated with the freedom of life on the road with SweetEsther, I only wish my body could keep up better. We made a long list of small improvements we can make to the van to help with that. We also started concocting a long-term plan for when I may not be able to do this anymore and it’s pretty exciting, too. Because, I’m far from done here.  A gypsy soul’s just got to roam . . .






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