Stupid Keys

This is not the post I set out to write, my intentions were very different. But I soon discovered my computer would not type one specific letter. Skipping this letter is proving to be quite difficult, but I now feel compelled to see it through…not the first post, but this one. Did you guess which letter it is yet?

It’s been weeks since my letter ‘T’ commenced sticking, sometimes printing 2 or 3 of them when I intended only 1, now this. This is not conducive to good writing, good sentence structure. It’s proving even more difficult when I refuse to give in, to stop writing in complete sentences. But I will do it, I will finish this bloody post somehow. Tomorrow I’ll find better solutions, but for now…

Seriously, leave comments if you know which letter I’m missing. Let’s see who gets there first!

6 thoughts on “Stupid Keys

  1. I thought it was ‘a’ for sure… till the last sentence and the word ‘leave’…. busy sewing for the babies and someone else will have to figure this out 😉

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    1. Actually it was the A, and it started working again for a while and now it doesn’t. I can’t even sign into my computer without an A! Last night when it started working, I had great hope. Alas, they have been dashed this afternoon. I am not enjoying writing on my phone!


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