Last Night I Dreamed About Grilled Peaches

Why would I dream about grilled peaches, you ask. Probably because on our last night of camping, I grilled up the last of the delicious Okanagan peaches that we had picked up at Harker’s Farm Market in Keremeos. If you’ve never tried grilling peaches, you have got to try this. I just split them, gave them a quick brush with olive  oil, dropped them on the grill for a few minutes to char a little. Paired with a chili-lime marinated chicken breast….splendiforous!

grilled peaches

Honestly, I thought after spending 2 weeks living in a Westfalia, I’d be so over it. But as we drove up the Hart Highway (Highway 97) on Wednesday afternoon, we both felt a bit of desire to just keep driving. Randy’s never been up that way, and I’ve never been up there with Randy and SweetEsther….it just amazed us that we were even thinking it. This gypsy lifestyle has put some roots down in me, I think!

After finalizing our house purchase in Prince George, we spent our last camping night at Salmon Valley Campground on the banks of the Nechako River. The new owners, Frank & Bobbi, just took over this year and they are working hard to bring it up to date. Really neat people! It’s already a very beautiful space with lot’s of sites on the river, washrooms and hot showers. Highly recommended! Their little general store has everything you could need in an emergency, like Benadryl.

We battled some hornets all evening without incident (they were hugely attracted to the dead bug bodies on the front of our warm van!)  Note: a wet tea towel makes an excellent sheleighly for smacking wasps in a small space. We were literally packed and ready to drive away when one finally got me, @#$%!  Ergo, the significance of the Benadryl (thanks, Bobbi!)  2 of those little pink beauties within minutes of the attack kept the reaction at bay. They also kept me pretty dopey for the rest of the day, but, whatever, we were almost home with nothing significant to do until we get the keys anyway.

It was a good day. It was a good trip. It’s a good life!

We watched the sunset from our deck until the mosquitoes got to annoying. 


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